NTU經典紳士領帶夾 NTU Initials Tie Clip









A classic clip for a classic tie, dedicated to a humble man with a simple-yet-quality style. The dimension of perfect 5.5 cm length provides the appropriate and stylish dressing etiquette for the standard ties of whose width at 7-8 cm. With the designer’s hand-drawing glyph, the bold stroke and the sense of fluency on the pin will definitely finish your wear with a simple but striking statement.
Style Tip: Clip between the third and fourth buttons from the top of your dress shirt.

-Processed by three exceptional finishing procedures including sand blasting, polishing and film protection to secure a longer product life and to create a bright texture on the surface.
-With a clip base that offers better user experience rather than a pushed-in bar.
-An affiliated metal chain that helps fixing the clip’s position on the tie. The user may simply hang the tail of the chain onto a shirt button. If it’s a no-button-on-the-shirts day, just clip the chain along with the tie.

規格 Dimensions|5.5公分夾飾寬度 5.5 cm length;禮盒Box: 8.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm
款式 Color|金Gold、銀Silver、霧黑Iron Gray
材質 Material|純銅 100% Brass
產地|臺灣 Made in Taiwan


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